How to setup your Twitch profile

How to setup your Twitch profile

Your Twitch profile will be the first thing viewers see when they come to your channel and gives you the opportunity to make a good first impression. Your Twitch profile includes:

  • Profile Picture
  • Offline image
  • Banner image
  • Profile Bio


Profile Picture

This is the main image for your Twitch account and how people will recognise you. This can be a photo of yourself, your logo, or anything you wish to represent you and your brand. Please note, in June, your profile picture will be changing from a square to a circle with a suggested size of at least 300 x 300 pixels. Profile Picture Setting


Offline Image

This image is seen by visitors to your channel when you are offline and it gives essential information for when to return to your stream. It is best to say you are currently offline with this image. Optional nice extras to have on this image are your socials and your streaming schedule (if you have one). This can provide viewers with enough information on when to come back or to check you out on other platforms. Suggested size for this image is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Twitch Offline BannerOffline Banner Setting


Banner Image

The banner image is hidden on the channel page at first, but can be viewed by clicking on the channel name. This image is also used as the background image for your channel when viewed from the followers/following lists, so it’s best not to overload it with text and information. Suggested size for this image is 1200 x 480 pixels. Twitch Banner ImageTwitch Banner Setting


Profile Bio

Create a short and simple profile bio to let people know something about you. The profile bio is seen on your main profile page when viewing from mobile devices. Twitch Phone BioTwitch Bio Setting


Final Thoughts

These images and short bio will give you a chance to display your channel and who you are to your viewers. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you found this information useful.


Is there anything else you would do when setting up your Twitch profile? 


Useful Resources

Free Graphic Design Tools:

Adobe Sparks


Free Images:





Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash 


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