How to setup your Twitch settings

How to Setup Your Twitch Settings

Before starting up your first stream, you want to ensure you have gone through the settings on Twitch to ensure they’re set to how you want your stream to run.

Here is a list of important settings to check before starting your first stream:

  • Security – Two-Factor Authentication
  • Store Past Broadcasts
  • Mature content
  • Low Latency mode
  • Twitch Auto Mod Controls
  • Block Hyperlinks


Security – Two-Factor Authentication

Twitch uses Authy for Two-Factor Authentication. This will help prevent your account from unauthorized access. Twitch Two-Factor


Store Past Broadcasts

Here is where you choose if you want your live streams stored on Twitch. They can be stored for up to 14 days. Past broadcasts are useful for viewers as it provides a way for them to catch up on a missed stream. Also, for someone who hasn’t seen any of your streams yet, this gives them a preview of what you’re like and what things you stream. Past Broadcasts Setting 


Mature Content

If you think your stream might contain inappropriate content for younger viewers, such as the type of conversations you have or the language used, ensure you enable the mature content setting. Mature Content Setting


Low Latency Mode

Low latency mode is best for real time interactions with your chat. When you’re just starting out with streaming, you want to be able to respond to your chat as soon as possible. Latency Mode Setting


Twitch Auto Mod Controls

Twitch can automatically hold messages where only you can see the messages and your chat can’t. You then have the option to allow or deny the message. There is a built in filter where you can select the level of filtering. You can also add your own blocked terms and phrases to the auto mod. Automod Settings


Block Hyperlinks

It can be a good idea to block hyperlinks. Sometimes there will be people that post inappropriate links or even viruses. Be careful who you trust to post links. Links posted by you, moderators or VIPs can still be allowed, so that the people who you trust the most can still share their favourite links with the stream. Block Hyperlinks Setting


Final Thoughts

These are the basic Twitch settings that I would ensure are suited to how I want my Twitch stream to run. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you found this information useful.


Are there any other important Twitch settings that you would check first before starting up your first stream?


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