My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

This will be my first time writing a blog post. Blogs are something I have always wanted to do, but never had anything to blog about. Since starting as a streamer on Twitch, I have been asked many questions about streaming. I always tried to answer these questions, but I felt that I was not answering with enough detail or to completion. This lead to me wanting to create a website and a blog for everything involved in my streaming experience.


What is this website all about?

  • Streaming tips and resources
  • Personal streaming experiences
  • Our Twitch community
  • Provide another way to connect with each other

Initially, this website was going to be a blog relating to personal things, my fitness journey and a little bit about streaming. Since I started streaming, the idea has evolved more into being a place to post about useful streaming resources and tips, my experiences and everything happening within our Twitch community.


Who is this website for?

  • Streamers or potential streamers looking for tips and resources
  • Twitch viewers
  • Myself

I hope the information on this website will be useful to current or potential streamers looking to set up a Twitch stream and implement different features for streaming. Those that are viewers of Twitch, this website will be a place to learn a little more about me. There will also be useful tips on how to help support your favourite streamers. This website is also for myself. I’m hoping it will improve with my written communication. And it will also be like a personal journal, a place to store my experiences.


Thank you for reading this

I would like to thank you for reading through my first blog post. I hope you gained an understanding of what this website is going to be about and I hope you will enjoy further blog posts. 


Do you have any Suggestions and Feedback?

If you want to send suggestions about this website or provide any feedback, you can write in the comments below or contact me at


Photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash


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